//VM77 Engine temperatures #2. Exhaust heat wrap

VM77 Engine temperatures #2. Exhaust heat wrap

Come on, we continue with engine temperatures of the VM77 matter. The fact is we continue to seek a solution to this issue.

Do you remember the experiment designed by our colleague Carlos? Well, we go with the second derivative. What are we going to do? Test the exhaust heat wrap.

Temperaturas de motor del VM77 parte #2 1

What is the exhaust heat wrap and what is it for?

The exhaust heat wrap, also called header wraps or «that thing that it’s sold in rolls and mince a lot» is a strips of insulation composite material, a material capable of withstanding temperatures up to 2000 °C. Almost nothing.

The exhaust heat wrap can have two functions. The first is to isolate the components nearby the manifolds (yes, also the intake manifold) and is able to maintain and / or retain the high exhaust temperatures inside of it. And you wonder why would I want to maintain the temperature of the exhaust? If the high temperature is maintained within what we achieve is to improve the flow of exhaust gases, because the more temperature they have the faster they can circulate through the exhaust manifold. This may interest you if you are looking for a particular preparation, but you may also want some retention of gas, to increase engine performance in different engine speed. It is not our case.

The other function is the one we’re looking for, to isolate thermally nearby components which are at different temperatures. In our case we want to isolate the exhaust manifold stainless tubes and coolant, and by the way, the entrance to the intake manifold. This we hope will help to lower the engine temperatures of VM77, at least the coolant.

Would you want to see the whole process that we have followed and a few tips on how to install the exhaust heat wrap? Just click on the image and see the latest chapter in our Videoblogs!

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VM77 Engine temperatures #2. Exhaust heat wrap
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