Replacing Lotus Seven rear axle ball bearings – Disassembly

Come on lady, we pushed the boat out! Today we are going to replace the Lotus Seven VM77 rear axle ball bearings, the bearings located on the tip of transmissions. This is a non-stop.

What is the reason for that? Noise. We think they are making noise when driving. Of course, we are amateurs, and we’re not sure if the noise is produced by these rear axle ball bearings. Conclusion? We’ll change them just because we want to keep getting our hands dirty, let’s admit it.

Sustitución rodamientos de bolas traseros Lotus Seven #1

The bearings in question have given us a good headache until we found the right ones, more than any other piece we have replaced before in the car. Why? Let me summarize it.

The first step was to identify the rear axle. After consulting dozens of forums, a couple of Whatsapp groups and give much pain in the ass to a lot of people (thanks to everyone!) we could concluded that the axle belonged to a Ford Cortina MKIV, and was the Köln type (in the video will tell you how to identify it).

Now maybe you’re thinking … Why not pull out the bearings and take some measurements? Right, we could have made this change of  rar axle ball bearings without having to identify the rear axle, but I’ll confess something … I wanted to install a LSD differential and we had to know exactly what axle had the car. But this is another story that we will leave for another chapter.

Now, once we knew what was theoretically the proper rear axle the bearings would be easy to identify, especially having this great source of wisdom where you can search Ford parts. But no, it wasn’t easy.

Sustitución rodamientos de bolas traseros Lotus Seven #2

I will not bore you with the details, but the correct rear axle ball bearings were the «heavy duty version«, the last row of the table above, and these were assembled in the Cortina 2.0. The front bearings we disassembled in the previous post corresponding to 1.6. Do you see what I mean when I say that this car is like a Mecano, the Mr. Potato of the cars? That’s it.

Well, let’s what concerns us, the disassembly process itself. In the following video we show you the whole process, which has been funny. To watch it just click on the picture below, do not miss it!

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