Replacing Lotus Seven rear axle ball bearings – Assembly

Bearings up in the soup, we have bearings even in the soup! We finally got to the end of the replacement process of all the Lotus Seven VM77 bearings, both front (disassembly and assembly) and rear (dismantling), and in this post we finally got to install the rear axle ball bearings.

in the following pictures we show you these friends in question, which belong to a Ford Cortina MKIV. A current model and that you can find spare parts easily. (Ironic mode OFF).

Sustitución rodamientos traseros Lotus Seven - Montaje #1

In this new chapter of our VideoBlogs we have to use our imagination and manufacture a special tool to install the rear axle ball bearings, because the special tool we had bought to install them are not the proper one.

Also we’ll get scared, why deny it, because use the 6-ton hydraulic press and see how pressure builds up in these bearings makes you appreciate the most mundane things. We are pussies.

If you want to see us mourn as little children, pray to the gods and to know if anyone has died or not in the whole process you only have to click on the picture below.

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