Replacing Lotus Seven front tapered bearings – Assembly

We have come to the second part of the process of replacing the Lotus Seven VM77 front tapered bearings (first part here), we will start assembly, and will be fun!

To show you exactly what we’re going to do in the next picture you can see the exploded diagram from a Ford Cortina MKIV stub, which are those that correspond to our VM77 (yes friend, these parts have over 40 years). In this image you can see the front tapered bearings, marked with «A» and «B». These little fellows are those who we will install.

Sustitución rodamientos cónicos delanteros Lotus Seven

What do we need? A hydraulic press, industrial amounts of fat, a grease gun, some vessels to install the bearings and their tracks (in the absence of an installation kit as it should be), plenty of brake cleaner and of course the new bearings themselves.

Now, how are we going to do it? It’s really easy! In addition, the basic process for installing this type of bearings is always the same, regardless of the car you have!

You just have to click on the image below to watch the whole detailed process, do not miss it!

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