//New clutch cable for VM77
  • New clutch cable for VM77

New clutch cable for VM77

What this VM77 is doing it’s a shame. We got him out of Madrid, it fails. We took him to a concentration, it fails. We say ugly things and / or we would threaten it to set fire, it fails. We treat you with affection, it fails. Anyway, it fails.

Well, what was this time? The clutch cable, nothing more. It has said it’s enough. Well, son of a b*tch, as we told you a year ago you we were not going to overcome us, we are more stubborn than you. By our holy balls that we will change each of your filthy pieces until you will get can be considered «reliable».

Nuevo cable de embrague para el VM77

As it wouldn’t be otherwise, the clutch cable is from… Ford. But we do not know more. Well, after removing the clucth cable, measure it, take pictures from all angles and check «by eye» dozens of similar pieces, we can say that the clutch cable is from a Taunus, from 1300 to 2000 cc. We keep pointing the «pieces of Mecano». This is a non-stop.

Well, would you want to see the process that we followed to change the clutch cable? You just have to click on the picture below.Here we show our latest chapter in our Videoblogs!

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