Modifying the Lotus Seven VM77 passenger seat anchors

We all know that our Lotus Seven VM77 is an example of active and passive safety, it has the latest security systems and when you drive it you’ve a feeling of going into a «tank», but it has a little problem … («Ironic mode «OFF).

Few time ago we saw something that, in our opinion, was very worrying; how the passenger seat was secured to the car. Today, in this new chapter of our Videoblogs, we will speak about it and how we have modified the Lotus Seven VM77 passenger seat anchors.

We will use various tools, especially our loved MIG welder Flux Core wire (no gas). ¿Will we set fire (as many of you recommend us) to our beloved / hated VM77? Just click on the picture below to find out!

Comment anything you want! 😉