Engine temperatures of VM77

//Engine temperatures of VM77

Engine temperatures of VM77

VM77 engine temperatures, a topic that we have talked about so many times. We have been visited by good (and wise) friends who have tried the car and they have proposed some improvements (see these two chapters of our Videoblogs, here and here), and from the beginning we have received lots of advices and possible solutions to the problems of cooling this “whimsical dough”. Today we will try the Carlos’s idea, our newest Petrolheadgarage team member .

What it is proposed by this mad (and expert in heat engines) guy? Something simple and very basic, to check if we really have a problem or not, and if we have it he has a few surprises up his arm. How does he want to do it? Taking engine temperatures measures at specific points.

He designed an experiment in several stages, and in this video you can see the first one and the first possible solution. Would you want to know what it is? Click on the image, and after seeing it leave us a comment with your answer to the question we ask you, we want to know your opinion!

engine temperatures of VM77 Youtube

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Engine temperatures of VM77
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