Engine and bodywork cleaning

//Engine and bodywork cleaning

Engine and bodywork cleaning

As we already have the engine out of the car we will do two things, wash the engine and the bodywork, to comfortably continue with Mini disassembly.

The first thing we do is tightly cover all engine openings, we don’t want the water getting inside the engine. Then we’ll spray the whole engine with cleaning products, trying to clean all grease and dirt, then we will wash it a pressure washer.

We show a new pictures perspective, using a Gopro Hero 3, why? You’ll see soon! 😉

Now we use pressurized water everywhere, engine and body, without fear!!!

Now you can see the final result after this fast cleaning process. You can’t imagine how much dirt and grease a car can accumulate, but after a couple of hours the work is done, we can continue with the disassembly!

See you soon!

Comment anything you want! 😉

Engine and bodywork cleaning
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