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Welcome to!

Welcome to the Petrolheadgarage Team website my friend!

But first of all,

What is Petrolheadgarage?

We are a group of friends, a bunch of freaks with a passion in common, the motor world & the classic cars. And the best? What we like is to get our hands dirty!

Our goal is to learn and enjoy, with nonprofit*, and we dedicate our free time to the restoration and improvement of the Lotus Seven VM77 (93) & Mini 1275cc (95) & other classics, with the explanation of the whole process, with detailed photos and video tutorials, technical articles, reviews, news, motorsport events and more, much more!

We have already confessed and made public our addiction, now it’s your turn, confess, admit it, join us, we are like you!

Petrolheadgarage, the meeting point for all Petrolheads!

Welcome my friend!

The PetrolHeadGarage Team

PS: You can access each section from the top menu of the page. Let’s play! 🙂

* The PetrolheadGarage project is a group of friends who perform work in their personal cars without profit. We create theoretical and practical content that is publicly shared, do not charge you for it. Team facilities are not open to the public or any paid work is accepted.