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Brake pump and calipers for the VM77

Brake pump and calipers for the VM77 It's  time dammit, it's time to change the Lotus Seven VM77 brakes. Now it runs more or less, but it runs, but the brakes are not up to par to the engine, not even close. They are 20 years old, they are knackered and the don't brake as good as they [...]

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Rear brakes #2 and Handbrake

Rear brakes #2 and Hand brake Continuing with the Mini's disassembly the next step will be remove the brake metal sleeves, why? To allow us to disassemble the rear subframe. The following pictures show you the initial condition of these metal sleeves and the cable of the handbrake Let's start! (The photos [...]

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Mini’s front brakes

Mini's front brakes In the previous post we have disassembled the rear drum brakes (click here), now it's time to do the same with the front brakes of the Mini. The process is very simple, you can see it in the following pictures. The only difficulty we have found is that some of the screws were [...]

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Mini’s Brake System #1

Mini's Brake System #1 We continue with the Mini, and now is time to start with the brake system. The first thing we do is to drain the whole circuit, (also the clutch liquid of its circuit, which is independent) and as one picture is worth a thousand words, we will show you some very full detailed [...]

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