Drive shafts and suspension

//Drive shafts and suspension

Drive shafts and front suspension

Once we have removed the front brakes of the Mini (click here) we can begin with the drive shafts and suspension.

The main goal will be disassemble the shock absorber and stub axle, and after that we could remove the drive shafts. To collapse the damper we’ll use a hydraulic jack, it will make the process easier.

Take a look at the pictures, could you see the springs? You can’t, right? This is because there are no springs, the suspension of the Mini use other thing, we’ll show you it in the the appropriate post 😉

Once the shock absorber is out it’s time to start with the stub axle. There was no problems with the upper bolts, the bolts that hold the steering rack to the stub axle, they could be unscrewed easily.

Do you remember our advises when we said some of the screws could be very stuck because of the amount of rust they had? The last option we mentioned was to cut the nut (or the bolt). Well, we tried everything with one of the bolts of the stub axle, but it was impossible to unscrew it, so we had to cut it. Take care doing this, try to not damage anything except the nut (bolt) itself!

The rest was easy, more or less, and you can see the process in the following pictures. As you can see on them, we’ll have so much work to give a face wash to all these parts.

One last comment about all this process. All the pictures you have seen before were about the right side of the Mini, the driver side was more complicated. We weren’t able to unscrew the nut of the drive shaft*, and we didn’t try to cut it to avoid any damage to the drive shaft, so we’ll try other options, we’ll show the final result in few posts 😉

*Remember, the nuts of the drive shafts in the left side of the Mini have the sense of the thread in opposite to normal, it is unscrewed clockwise!

Comment anything you want! 😉

Drive shafts and suspension
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