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VM77 Engine temperatures #2. Exhaust heat wrap

VM77 Engine temperatures #2. Exhaust heat wrap Come on, we continue with engine temperatures of the VM77 matter. The fact is we continue to seek a solution to this issue. Do you remember the experiment designed by our colleague Carlos? Well, we go with the second derivative. What are we going to do? Test [...]

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Engine temperatures of VM77

Engine temperatures of VM77 VM77 engine temperatures, a topic that we have talked about so many times. We have been visited by good (and wise) friends who have tried the car and they have proposed some improvements (see these two chapters of our Videoblogs, here and here), and from the beginning we have received lots [...]

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Why not use shot peened in a bodywork?

Why not use shot peened in a bodywork? Today, as always, we'll talk about a topic based on our experience. In which? In the blasting of a bodywork. As you know few weeks ago we took the Mini´s body and and its subframes to receive a splash of sand, in order to remove all rust [...]

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Audi GT Coupe petrol hoses

Audi GT Coupe petrol hoses Oh my dear Audi Gt , we take care of it when we have the smallest gap, and this time it was a reasons of force majeure ... His arteries have had enough! The petrol hoses have not put up with and they have started to leak gasoline... As it is not something you [...]

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Brake pump and calipers for the VM77

Brake pump and calipers for the VM77 It's  time dammit, it's time to change the Lotus Seven VM77 brakes. Now it runs more or less, but it runs, but the brakes are not up to par to the engine, not even close. They are 20 years old, they are knackered and the don't brake as good as they [...]

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A handmade exhaust as it should be

A handmade exhaust as it should be Do you remember when we told you our experience on how NOT to do a handmade exhaust? Well, today we'll tell you just the opposite, a handmade exhaust as it should be! As in the previous case, this article will be based on our personal experience with external [...]

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Stainless Steel Welding

Stainless Steel Welding Today we'll talk about a little work in our VM77 and its coolant circuit. Few weeks ago Vimesa did a custom exhaust (click here), and believe us, it was excellent, but we found a little issue when we reviewed the work carried out. If you check the following picture you will see that [...]

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New cooling system hoses

New cooling system hoses We continue with the cooling problems of the VM77, and we must fix and improve the cooling system once and for all, so, finally, we are going to replace all the cooling hoses, we will study how it works in this particular car (click here to watch the Technical Article about [...]

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