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We are a group of friends, not professionals*, who have a mission and passion in common: The Motor world & Classic Cars! Each of us is different, but we have something that binds us together, friendship and passion to achieve a common goal, and that is what makes us unique!

This is the beginning, the beginning of the completion of a dream! We have a goal: dedicate to our passion professionally, restoring & overhauling classic, exotic and race cars, engine with wheels even without wheels…i.e., the awesome Motor world! For this purpose we keep on learning, every day a little more,  sharing our knowledge and experiences with all Petrolheads, asking for help and advice to those who know more than us, and already we thank you!

Enjoy and Share

Petrolheads, all of you are welcome, and we invite you to join to us and help us sharing your knowledge with all the motor fanatics of the world!

Thank you!

The PetrolHeadGarage Team!

Team members

<strong>Ramón Fernández</strong>
Ramón Fernández(Ind. Mechanical Engineer)

Ramón is an engineer specializing in Mechanical engineering from Carlos III of Madrid (Spain) and since he was very young he’s always had very clear in what profession he wanted to spend his time: The Automotive World!

Since he began his university studies he has been involved in several car projects, such as the transformation of a Mitsubishi Montero to category T2 rally, a Ford Sierra 2.0i for category N and now with the Lotus Seven VM77.

As additional studies he has a car mechanics professional course and currently works as a Technical Advisor/ Trainer for an automotive company

He is an amateur KZ2 karting driver in Santos de la Humosa Circuit (Spain), where he shares his hobby with good colleagues and friends, and yes, he goes to the track in the VM77!

He never gives up and has a very clear objective: continue enjoying and learning within the automotive world, where he has met (and expects to continue knowing) very good partners, professionals, experts and above all great friends!

He has started the awesome  PetrolHeadGarage.com project, and to achieve this he counts on the help of the best possible friends! The PetrolHeadGarage Team!

<strong>Juan Ramón Díaz-Crespo</strong>
Juan Ramón Díaz-Crespo(Aeronautical Engineer)

Juan Ramón has a bachelor in Aerospace Engineering from Polytechnic University of Madrid (Spain). He is currently working for the aerospace industry in Madrid. He is a person how loves automotive world, especially the aerodynamic that is the best topic for him.

He has always been involved in projects concerning automotive world. When he was studying, he carried out projects for analyzing the aerodynamic efficiency regarding to cars as well as studying cars mechanic. Currently he is working for several engineering areas of aeronautic industry, but without losing touch with cars world.

He is a person who loves the things he makes, and he always tries to put the more effort to do it. He says: “The more you believe in your dreams, the closer you are to catch and feel it”. He is a very optimistic person, who tries to help colleagues when it is required. He never gives up, keeping fighting until the end. If you don’t believe in your dreams then anyone will believe you could get it.

He once had a dream, a dream in which he and his colleagues are working together in order to get that his dream comes true: to build a company dedicated to overhauling amazing cars. This is the reason because he joins this PetrolHead Garage Team, to initiate the journey of his life, because he believes in it, believes in PetrolHeadGarage!

<strong>Álvaro Izquierdo</strong>
Álvaro Izquierdo(Automation & Electrical Technical Expert)

Nowadays Álvaro is studying higher degree of Automation and Industrial Robotics. His academic record is impressive, he specializes in Siemens automation systems and have advanced knowledge of LabVIEW programming environment.

He is a guy who likes to investigate, is curious and initiative, but as he says: “Without losing respect for the teams
He likes to give a quality finish to his jobs and he shows it in every project he undertakes.
Fan of 80’s classic cars  with their “square lines”, his favorite car, a Triumph GT6 MRK III.

You wanna know why we call him “El Brujo“?

We called “Sorcerer” because his solutions are like magic.There is no problem without solution for Álvaro. If you know one, please contact him because there is a solution, but you don’t know yet!

The best way to motivate him is saying, “Alvaro, that is not possible, leave it.” Once he hears this sentence his brain begins to function at a higher perfomance, and yes, he will find the solution, a solution in which we would have never thought, have not doubt!

<strong>Francisco Campos</strong>
Francisco Campos(Logistics Specialist)

Francisco, onwards Fran, has studied mechanicshe is but also is an autodidact , with specialization in repair, adaptation and installation of engine accessories and bodywork of cars and motorcycles.

He works in a large insurance company first national order, being responsible for logistics, evaluation and analysis of parts in coordination with authorized official workshops.

Among other functions, he mades tests drive, detecting mechanical and electronic failures, especially in steering, transmission and braking systems.

His biggest passion are cars, and his favourite brand is Porsche. Whenever he has free time he gets his car or bike and looks for fun in all types of roads.

He always have a positive attitude and thinks everything is possible with this awesome team, looking for learning continuously.

With its 29 years, he has already had a VW Polo (100K km), a SEAT León FR (250K km) and a Kia pro ceed 120cv (220K km). That is, almost 11 years without taking the ass of the pilot’s seat and with more km above than a taxi driver .

Welcome my friend, welcome to the Petrolheadgarage Team!


<strong>David Navarro</strong>
David Navarro(Motor Journalist)

When David was little, his father fed him sitting in the seats of the car dealership where his uncle was working. Since then something awoke within him: the passion for cars. Since then, his interest has grown and grown more and more!

Currently he is studying journalism to, someday, work in a specialized drive medium. And this is only the beginning.

The passion for cars was always there, but when he discovered the television program Top Gear, he decided that he wanted to do the same, make a living in & with the motorsports world. His dream would have something like the well-known British program, but, by now is content to appear at the wheel of the latest sports cars in a motor & motorsports magazine. By now…!

He does not lack passion and desire, but sometimes the turbo of the decision and the action slow to appear, but when it does, no one can brake this young gasoline and exhaust roar fanatic! Currently he takes his first steps on PetrolHeadGarage.com and an online magazine where he is writing awesome articles in the motor section.

Welcome David, welcome to our PetrolHeadGarage family!

<strong>Carlos Valladares Blázquez</strong>
Carlos Valladares Blázquez (Ind. Engineer specialized in IC Engines)
Carlos is an industrial engineer, specialized in IC Engines and also has a diploma in automotive gave the university in exchange for losing youth, health and social life. Not. Who passed it fucking well.

According to his words he loves beautiful women which do not see Tele5, classic cars and good music. And traveling with his van.

This gentleman is meticulous, conscientious, handyman and over all is like an encyclopedia of motorworld, the “Wikipedia” of internal combustion engines. Are you looking for a fact that even Google isn’t able to find? Write to Carlos, and end the problem.

Welcome Mr. Valladares, welcome friend!

<strong>Sergio Holanda</strong>
Sergio Holanda(Automotive Technician)

Sergio is studying High Degree in Automotive. Why? He loves cars even before he was born, because of that his family says that when he was 5-6 years old, without any knowledge of reading, and they were walking around the street, Sergio knew the car models just seeing the brand logo. His passion began so many years ago!

Fan of big cars and engines, with enough power to move his world, with enough torque to make him believe in his passion. Sergio can´t imagine his life without cars, his family and friends know it and, luckily, they understand him!

He loves karting and he is always improving his driving skills with virtual simulators and practices in a circuit., like Gran Turismo Playstation videogame series. One example of this passion, he always tell us that, 20 days before passed the driving license test, he traveled to the most dangerous race track in the world: Nürburgring Nordscleife for testing… His father´s car! (omfg!) That day is remembered by Sergio like the best of his life, at least…by now.

Keep pushing Sergio, this it’s only the beginning of your great adventure in the Automotive World in PetrolHeadGarage.com!

<strong>Aarón Collantes</strong>
Aarón Collantes(Ind. Mechanical Engineer)

Aarón is an engineer specializing in Mechanical engineering from Carlos III of Madrid (Spain) and since he was very young he’s always had very clear in what profession he wanted to spend his time: The Automotive World!

Fan of engines and wheels, already has two or four wheels, one cylinder or twelve cylinders, the important thing is to learn and enjoy what you have at all times.

He loves drifting, track day,karting, offroad motorbike , supermotard whenever a weekend around friends.

Currently spends the week “fighting” with the Spanish legislation in question automotive approvals. All of us know that it’s a hard battle, in our country automotive legislation it’s so complex but if anyone can is Aarón! We (and therefore you) have the luck to have him in PetrolHeadGarage.com, he’ll share all your great knowledge about this and other complex subjects related to homologations, approvals, mechanics and much more!

It is a great pleasure to start this adventure with this great professional and, above all, friend!

* The PetrolheadGarage project is a group of friends who perform work in their personal cars without profit. We create theoretical and practical content that is publicly shared, do not charge you for it. Team facilities are not open to the public or any paid work is accepted.