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Drive shafts and suspension

Drive shafts and front suspension Once we have removed the front brakes of the Mini (click here) we can begin with the drive shafts and suspension. The main goal will be disassemble the shock absorber and stub axle, and after that we could remove the drive shafts. To collapse the damper [...]

Mini’s front brakes

Mini's front brakes In the previous post we have disassembled the rear drum brakes (click here), now it's time to do the same with the front brakes of the Mini. The process is very simple, you can see it in the following pictures. The only difficulty we have found is that some of the screws were [...]

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Oxide of Mini’s bodywork

Oxide of Mini's bodywork This will be a short post of one important matter about this project... Do you remember that this Mini is of 1995 and it looked well? Check this first pictures (click on each photo to watch them bigger): We are showing you some examples of the [...]

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Mini’s Brake System #1

Mini's Brake System #1 We continue with the Mini, and now is time to start with the brake system. The first thing we do is to drain the whole circuit, (also the clutch liquid of its circuit, which is independent) and as one picture is worth a thousand words, we will show you some very full detailed [...]

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First steps with the engine

First steps with the engine To continue with the disassembly of the Mini let's start with the engine! Let's get the car out of the workshop and, with good sunlight, we will begin to drain all fluids! First of all, we have to find the way to empty the coolant circuit. [...]

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Disassembly continues

Disassembly continues The PetrolHeadgarage team continues with the fully dismantle of the Mini. Remember that the goal of the complete disassembly is to repair the body completely, and to reach any part of the body that need to be repaired we have to dismantle everything. Now it is time [...]

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The first day of disassembly

The first day of disassembly Here the adventure of Mini 1275 cc '95 begins! The PetrolHeadGarage team will perform a complete restoration of this vehicle, both engine and body. It will be a long and hard process, but certainly the final result will be worth it! The first thing to do is to show you the [...]

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