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Replacing Lotus Seven front tapered bearings – Assembly

Replacing Lotus Seven front tapered bearings – Assembly We have come to the second part of the process of replacing the Lotus Seven VM77 front tapered bearings (first part here), we will start assembly, and will be fun! To show you exactly what we're going to do in the next picture you can see the exploded [...]

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Replacing Lotus Seven front tapered bearings – Disassembly

Replacing Lotus Seven front tapered bearings - Disassembly In this new chapter of our Videoblogs we show the whole process of the front tapered bearings disassembly of our Lotus Seven VM77. We will use various methods (some improvised) to remove these little ones bearings, because they are well stuck under pressure, and get them out is not [...]

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Why not use shot peened in a bodywork?

Why not use shot peened in a bodywork? Today, as always, we'll talk about a topic based on our experience. In which? In the blasting of a bodywork. As you know few weeks ago we took the Mini´s body and and its subframes to receive a splash of sand, in order to remove all rust [...]

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Stainless Steel Welding

Stainless Steel Welding Today we'll talk about a little work in our VM77 and its coolant circuit. Few weeks ago Vimesa did a custom exhaust (click here), and believe us, it was excellent, but we found a little issue when we reviewed the work carried out. If you check the following picture you will see that [...]

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Steering column #2

Steering column #2 This will be our second post about the steering column, why? We had problems with some screws, do you remember?  Let us show you the "players" of today, the steering column & rack! The screws that are holding the steering column are designed to break their heads once [...]

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Mini’s engine cradle

Mini's engine cradle This post will be focused in the Mini’s engine cradle, and to remove it the last thing we have to disassemble is the positive battery cable. It is the cable that begins in the alternator and ends in the positive pole of the battery, which is located in the trunk of the [...]

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Steering column #1

Steering column #1 Our next goal is the steering column, and this post will be different from the others, we released a new category in this process, the VideoBlogs! We will show you our problems with the steering column, and more specifically with the screws shown you in the following pictures. Our mate David [...]

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Removing the Mini’s engine

Removing the Mini's engine It's time to remove the Mini's engine! This step will be the most critical moment until now, so we have to be sure about what we are going to do. The first thing is to check all the engine mounts and how we'll remove it. After that we'll secure the engine supports [...]

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Drive shafts and suspension

Drive shafts and front suspension Once we have removed the front brakes of the Mini (click here) we can begin with the drive shafts and suspension. The main goal will be disassemble the shock absorber and stub axle, and after that we could remove the drive shafts. To collapse the damper [...]