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VM77 engine mount

VM77 engine mount We continue with the "surprises". Our VM77 has decided not to stand the weight of its own engine anymore, that's it. One week ago we have realized that the position of the shift lever has changed somewhat, it had moved, and that's never a good sign. We had to find the reason, and [...]

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Engine and bodywork cleaning

Engine and bodywork cleaning As we already have the engine out of the car we will do two things, wash the engine and the bodywork, to comfortably continue with Mini disassembly. The first thing we do is tightly cover all engine openings, we don't want the water getting inside the engine. Then [...]

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Removing the Mini’s engine

Removing the Mini's engine It's time to remove the Mini's engine! This step will be the most critical moment until now, so we have to be sure about what we are going to do. The first thing is to check all the engine mounts and how we'll remove it. After that we'll secure the engine supports [...]

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First steps with the engine

First steps with the engine To continue with the disassembly of the Mini let's start with the engine! Let's get the car out of the workshop and, with good sunlight, we will begin to drain all fluids! First of all, we have to find the way to empty the coolant circuit. [...]

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Oil cooler kit

Oil cooler kit Since we have fixed the coolant temperature problems of the VM77 we have other main goal to solve, the improvement of cooling of the engine oil. How can we do it? The best way to achieve that is using a oil cooler kit, like this from Mocal: The kit includes [...]

Engine bay air outlet

Engine bay air outlet Following the attempt to solve cooling issues installing a manual switch for the heater fan (here) we need to keep trying to find a solution! Our feeling about this problem is that the air can not get out of the engine bay properly. After a short ride (not very hard, [...]